Luxury Duvet Covers

Sick of changing your bed covers frequently? Going to the mall and undecided what brand of covers to choose that could guarantee you a good quality? Buying those covers that are not worth the price? How about finding a good quality Bedding at a discounted prices?

It is very important that you see the best sheet that will fit your taste. No wonder, your taste should reflect on your bed. With one look at it you can sense that it would be your best decision for buying.

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Luxury Duvet Covers come up with large selection of design, fashionable, stunning design and in good quality. One of those would be “Arya Alison - Duvet Cover Bed in Bag - Queen Bedding Gift Set” Duvet Cover. This cover is planned with 3 dimensional floral prints with three shades of purple blue and it has a white background. With this design your bed and room would look calm and eye catching.

You would also love to sleep in our other product, viz., “Le Vele Aliza Tiger Lily Duvet Cover Bed in Bag – King”. The name suggests, it is available in King Size Duvet Cover.
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Newcomer Designer launch winter collection

Highly anticipated newcomer and New York based menswear designer Ninh Nguyen is launching his Autumn/Winter 2011 collection during New York fashion Week this Saturday February the 12th, with a fashion installation and Charity art auction housed in a private events loft in the West Village, to a strict invite-only crowd.

Originally born in Paris, Ninh came to the US with a sense of style all his own. The creation of his graduation finale line from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology came with much praise and critique as it pushed the envelope for conventional menswear. “When I design, I don’t design for a trend, or for just any man. I design for the modern day renaissance man. Someone who is confident, intellectual, open minded, cultured and passionate," says Ninh. "I have put all of these elements into my clothing and when this man wears it, this man feels complete.”

Preferring to go by his first name, Ninh did not only want to make an impact to media, buyers, family and friends who will attend on a fashion level, but also to inspire and to raise awareness about the collaboration of two important charities Child Education International and Hope for the Silent Voices. Enlisting 25 artists from across the globe, Ninh has challenged them to create unique prints based on his Autumn/Winter Collection that will be placed around the venue available for auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the charities.

Child education International aims to build schools in impoverished countries for secondary school students. Their campaign the Cambodia Project believes, if poor, rural children worldwide have access to comprehensive secondary education that is both economically and environmentally sustainable, if their families have access to high quality health services, then economic and community growth will be stimulated, helping to alleviate the cycle of poverty in developing communities.


EFJ perfume by GYDJA from Iceland volcano

Sigrún Lilja Gudjonsdottir, who is behind the fashion brand Gydja, is putting a new fragrance to the market called EFJ Eyjafjallajökull by Gydja, after the famous Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. The perfume is made with glacier water from the volcano and has a hint of citrus.

EFJ – Eyjafjallajökull by Gyðja is the first Icelandic fragrance from Gydja and is made of water and ice from the volcano and glacier Eyjafjallajökull.
The perfume is also a souvenir because a piece of lava from Eyjafjallajökull is attached to the bottle neck. It is 100 ml glass of Eau de Parfum that is made in South of France. The bottle and the packaging are printed with 24 karats of gold. The perfume was launched in Iceland by the end of November 2010.

“Gydja means Goddess on Icelandic” says rising design star Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir as she talks about her brand Gydja Collection and her eclectic line of

Prodotype of the perfume:
Eyjafjallajökull erupted last spring and caused problems in air traffic all around the world.
The fragrance is made of water from the glacier off the actual volcano; so women around the world can surround themselves with the energy from this powerful volcano. The wonderful citrus perfume comes also with a lava rock from the eruption around the bottle neck making the EFJ perfume a souvenir from the volcano.
Founded in 2007, Gydja Collection is an Icelandic accessories fashion line created by Sigrun Lilja Gudjonsdottir. Gydja is a company that is focused on developing high end and stylish accessories for fashionable women throughout the world.


New Orleans International Fashion Week

The New Orleans International Fashion Week at Bourbon Park has officially been proclaimed by Mayor Mitchell Landrieu February 21st-26th, 2011 in the City of New Orleans. There will be many exciting events happening throughout New Orleans starting Feb. 19th hosting the Cosmopolitan Collection official release social at Martins Wine Cellar in Metairie at Veterans. We are pleased to host a shopping social the Blues Jean Bar on Magazine Street in New Orleans,LA. The runway showcases will happen February 23rd-26th, 2011 at the Contemporary Arts Center. Please check out our website for up to the date information: http://www.bourbonpark.com